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The People of Bloomfield, NJ

Melting Pot

Low-income, foreign-language-speaking urbanites.
Lower-income population mainly employed in service jobs. Most have a high school education or lower.

Leave It to Beaver

Middle- to upper-income suburban families.
Ranging in age from 30s to 50s, these married couples with children are likely to own their home and work in management, professional, or skill-based occupations. Education level varies from high school to college.

Multi-lingual Suburbanites

Middle-class, suburban individuals who speak a foreign language.
Age ranges from 30s to 60s. Some own their homes. Education varies from high school to college, with some earning graduate school degrees.

Renting Singles

Singles renting in the suburbs.
A higher than average proportion of these 30- to 60-year-olds rent their homes. Education varies from high school or lower to college.

Suburban Elite

Suburban super-rich couples with children.
Middle-aged married couples with a luxurious lifestyle in the suburbs. More than 15% have a family income of $200,000 or more. The majority have a college or graduate school degree, and most own their homes.

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